Vacant premises

Entra has a leading position in the offices market in the four largest cities in Norway. Each day more than 30,000 people use buildings that are owned by Entra. With us you find flexible, attractive and environmentally leading office premises close to public transportation hubs. The company owns and manages a total of around 1.2 million square metres, divided between 85 buildings.

Vacant premises: 0
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Brattørkaia 15 A, B

Available space: 350 sqm

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Brattørkaia 17A

Available space: 300–6 000 sqm

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Fredrik Selmers vei 4

Available space: 1 460–3 065 sqm

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Grønland 32

Available space: 218 sqm

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Kjørboveien 12-26

Available space: 750–1 950 sqm

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Malmskriverveien 18-20

Available space: 239 sqm

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Malmskriverveien 4

Available space: 126 sqm

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Middelthuns gate 29

Available space: 825 sqm